webbed subframe shapes the custom ducati 750SS by LL motorcycles

by admin

sitting a couple of inches lower than originally, the popular ducati 750SS has received a near full-body renovation by poland-based custom shop LL motorcycles. now, it only retains its powerful L-twin engine and tubular trellis frame. the result transforms the sporty two-wheeler into a scrambler suited – literally and metaphorically – for daily urban life.

LL motorcyles began the customization by pulling the original bike apart and designing a new subframe structure with a shorter hoop. this lowered the body and its custom flat, square saddle, which featured ribbed stitching, by a couple of inches. the bespoke framework continues to form a custom luggage rack at its rear.

the new design has been fitted with a full custom exhaust system. this includes a pair of headers that conclude as under-seat-mounted reverse cone mufflers crafted from stainless steel. upswept bars now feature to be more beneficial to off-roading and daily commuting needs. likewise, it is equipped with a new set of wheels: a wide 17’ rear and a 19’ front.

to retain the character of the original ducati 750SS, LL motorcycles built circular 10-LED headlight and a small red taillight. its electronics, as well as the battery, is hidden beneath the new saddle and subframe. the tank adorns a rich matte brown color that changes depending on lighting. it contrasts with the main chassis and subframe – powder-coated in ecru – and the swing-arm, fender, luggage rack, passenger peg mounts, rear-sets and hangers, and timing belt covers in black.

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